RHB Art with Heart 2022 “Rising Together”

Date: September 5 – 11, 2022

Venue: Bangsar Shopping Centre, Concourse, Kuala Lumpur

Curator: Sarah Abu Bakar

Co-curator: Danial Fuad


Curator’s Introduction


RHB Banking Group’s Art with Heart (AwH22) exhibition continues with its fourth instalment, encouraging and elevating the local arts scene while enriching vulnerable communities’ lives. Over the years, the exhibition has garnered much interest from art enthusiasts and artists alike and established itself as amongst the most anticipated events to showcase the talents of local young and emerging artists.

Themed “Rising Together”, AwH22 brings equal gender representation and gives prominence to artists from diverse backgrounds and age groups, featuring over 100 artworks by 53 Malaysian artists. These numbers surpass the previous RHB Art with Heart exhibitions, reflecting the growing reach and impact of AwH22 within the arts fraternity.

AwH22 comes at a most opportune time when our local arts community works to rebuild following the prolonged COVID­19 pandemic. It has indeed been a challenging period for local artists; where a survey by the Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) during the Movement Control Order period found that more than 90% of the respondents were negatively impacted by the COVID­19 pandemic, with 70% of them having lost all or most of their income.

Rising together through this adversity, the arts fraternity strengthened their bond, forging ahead with innovative and novel ways to bring inspiring stories to life through their works of art.

To add even more meaning to AwH22, the exhibition creates a unique opportunity for visitors to appreciate the works of Persons With Disabilities (PWD) artists, including those from We & I Art collective, as well as the creativity of artists diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Down Syndrome. On display are also photographs captured by a talented group of visually impaired photographers trained by professional photographers from Plus Community Partnership.

This year, AwH22 features various visually stimulating artworks in various styles, from abstract, figurative and landscape painting to sculptures and photography, that best encapsulate the theme “Rising Together”. It is with the hope that this initiative will continue to inspire Malaysians to appreciate and collect beautiful works of art while extending a helping hand to communities in need.

As we forge towards sustainable recovery, we hope that AwH22 serves as a reminder of how we continue to overcome our challenges by rising together. 



There are 28 artists representing the abstract style ranging from PWD artists Ahmad Danial Ahmad Kushairi, Izzati Shahrin, Maryam Zharifa, Ong Yong Da, and Stephanie Tam; young graduates such as Afiq Zainal, Anna Azzreena, Fuji Anggara, Lim Jing, Lim Tong Xin, Mulaika Nordin, and Yazi Jaclyn (Teh Ya Zi); emerging artists Abdul Shakir (Grasshopper), Alicia Lau, Azam Nasri, Azizi Latf, Elly Nor Suria, Emelia Ong Thiran, Hana Zamri, Hardiana Hidayah Azni, Hafiz Razak, Malina Su, Nadia Nizamudin, Nizar Sulaiman and Wendy Teo; and senior artists Faizal Suhif, Farif Jalil and Suddin Lappo in this category.



In the figurative segment, 12 artists express themselves through depictions of human figures, portraiture, fauna and still-life, namely PWD artists Haziq Izmi and Wan Jamila (artjamila®); young graduates Amri Ibrahim, Chua Hui Qin, Danielle Lin, Ellis Khan, Joy Ng, Sharina Shahrin; emerging artists Arikwibowo Amril, Rais Azmi, Aiman Aisamuddin, and senior artist Noor Mahnun Mohamed.



Various landscape interpretations are depicted in the works of four artists: Aimman Hafizal, Khairul Izham, Kimberley Boudville and Leong Sok Yeng.



A group of seven visually impaired photographers from Plus Community Partnership consisting of Ahar Bin Tabe (B2), Jamaliah Mohd Yasin (B1), Rashidi Abdullah (B3), Suzie Ng (B2), the late Svivabalan A/L Selvarajan (B2), Theng Tze Young (B1) and Vivian Kwek Chu Lan (B3).

Plus Community Partnership conceptualised the SENSORY PHOTOGRAPHY™ programme, and in early 2018, a collaboration began with the Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) and Studio DL Photography.

The objective is to empower the visually impaired with the opportunity to explore an activity they previously had no access to. The SENSORY PHOTOGRAPHY™ programme is centred on photography as a channel for self­expression and provides photographers with an additional source of income.

All photographers named above are legally blind at different degrees of visual impairment. The classifications are:

B1: total blindness
B2: partial vision of shadows and movement
B3: severe low vision/tunnel vision



Another exciting element of Art with Heart 2022 is art expression through sculpture. On offer are artworks by Agnes Lau, who incorporates ceramic pieces in her wall sculptures and Mohd Al-Khuzaire Ali, whose artworks are produced using mixed media.


Link to exhibition catalogue here


Media coverage

The Edge, September 3, 2022, Rising together in support of the art community. Link to PDF here.

The Star, September 7, 2022, June Moh: RHB Foundation uplifts OKU artists via Art with Heart showcase. Link to PDF here.

BASKL, September 9, 2022, Danial Fuad: Bangkit Bersama di RHB Art With Heart 2022. Link to PDF here


Curator Sarah Abu Bakar delivering a speech during the opening night of RHB Art with Heart 2022
The opening night of RHB Art with Heart 2022. Photo courtesy of RHB Banking Group.


L to R: Norazzah Sulaiman, RHB Group Chief Sustainability and Communications Officer, and Mohd Rashid Mohamad Group Managing Director / Group Chief Executive Officer